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Alabaster BlockChina-Alabaster-New-Star-Grey-Black-Yellow-Silver-Beige-Travertine-Limestone-Onyx-Sandstone-Granite-Slab-Block-White-Marble-for-Flooring-Wall-Tile-Countertop_副本_副本

       Alabaster is a kind of noble building material. It is pure and flawless, solid and delicate in texture, and easy to carve. It has been widely used as raw material for precious buildings from ancient to modern times. It is said that since the Han Dynasty, China has used this kind of jade-like material to build palaces, decorate temples, carve Buddhist statues and decorate halls. Because it is from the Han Dynasty to use this kind of pure and flawless jade to make building materials, people call it white marble. Nowadays, because of its holy symbol and noble quality, it is widely favored by overseas customers, such as the landmark of Dubai, the shopping mall of Burj khalifah, the mosque of the United Arab Emirates and so on.

White Marble Block